Clotted oat cream

Lately I’ve been experimenting with oatly oat milk, here ive made a super thick creamy clotted cream substitute, suitable for filling a sponge cake, topping scones or, well, spooning on top of anything for a bit of indulgence. You can make this without soaking the oats overnight, but its just that bit more creamy and smooth if you take the time to soak them. If your wondering how I made such beautiful scones, I didin’t, I brought them from a local cafe on my way home from work. The cafe is called Clementine’s, stop by if your ever in West Runton, they do an amazing vegan breakfast.
vegan oat clotted cream

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup oatly oat milk
2 tbsp maple syrup
2 tsp ground golden flax seed
6 tbsp melted refined coconut oil

Soak the oats in the oat milk overnight, then in the morning blend in a food processor with the maple syrup and the golden flax. With the food processor running slowly add the melted coconut oil, process until combined. Chill in the fridge until thickened. Stir the cream through before dolloping on scones and topping with some homemade jam.