Peanut butter caramel shortbread.

I’m back from Leicester and back posting. This peanut butter caramel was a bit of an accidental creation I made by mistake whilst I was there. The moment I tried a spoonful I thought I just had to make this and use it for a caramel shortbread! And thus this was born, anyone want a slice? 
peanut butter shortbread squares

2 cups plain flour
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 cup of vegan margarine
1 tsp vanila extract

1 cup crunchy peanut butter
6-8 tbsps almond/soy milk
6 tbsps confectioners/icing sugar

1/3 cup skinned peanuts
1x 200g bar of quality vegan dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to 325f/160c. Mix the granulated sugar with the flour and rub in the margarine and vanilla with your fingers, until its evenly distributed throughout. Press the crumb mix into a 13″x 9″ baking tray and bake for about 30-35 minutes until the edges start to turn golden. Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin. To make the peanut butter layer, cream the peanut butter with the vegan milk and vanilla extract. then cream in the confectioners sugar 1 tbsp at a time until you get a nice glossy caramel looking mixture. Spread over the cooled shortbread. Now for the final layer, melt the chocolate gently in the microwave for 30 seconds then give it a stir, repeat until fully melted, then spread on top and sprinkle with peanuts. Cool completely before slicing and serving.

peanut butter shortbread slices

15 thoughts on “Peanut butter caramel shortbread.

  1. Basic is always best! Then you know that the ingredients are likely to be hovering around in your pantry. I am going to have to try me some of these! Steve’s treat tin is just about empty and I know what I am going to be filling it up with this time! 🙂

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