Baba Ghanoush!

It’s great sadness that I say this, my local city’s veggie/vegan hot spot is closing down. Pulse is one of the places to be in Norwich if your veggie/vegan and its certainly one of my boyfriends favorite place to eat. How does this relate to baba ghanoush? Well it was here my boyfriend got a taste for it, they do this simple (but tasty) salad with rocket, grilled aubergine and a big dollop of baba ghanoush! I kept saying I was gonna make it for him some time, just never got round to it, but I finally accepted that I’m going to have to start making it… If your near Norwich they don’t close until the end of may so its well worth a visit, before this Norwich veggie icon disappears for good!

1 large aubergine, or 2 small
5 cloves garlic, do not peel
1 tsp ground coriander seeds
1/4 cup tahini
3 tbsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp fine sea salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
The leaves from one bunch flat leaf parsley, chopped
2 tsp cumin
Za’atar spice mix for topping
olive oil or chipotle oil for drizzling on top

Start off by chopping your aubergine into nice big chunks and chucking into a roasting tin with the unpeeled garlic and drizzle with a generous amount of olive oil. Roast at 200c/400f for about 25 minutes, until the aubergine is nice and tender. Carefully remove the skin from the aubergines and mash in a bowl with a fork until well mashed, stir in everything else apart from the za’atar spice mix and olive oil together until well combined and taste for seasoning and tahini, adding more as needed. Dollop into ramekins, or a cute lil’ serving dish and sprinkle on the Za’atar spice mix and drizzle with oil. Serve with tortilla chips, flat breads or crackers!

BABA GHANOUSH!!!Printable recipe sheets page now up and running! Click here!

17 thoughts on “Baba Ghanoush!

  1. I have enough last season eggplants clinging tenaciously to their almost spent plants to make this recipe and after seeing THAT photo and reading about the lament of you losing your favourite vegan restaurant, I think it would be a fitting epitaph to make this. Sorry you lost your restaurant…BUT now there is room for YOUR restaurant…just have to find a few backers with the capital… 😉

      • A bakery café would be the epitomy of gustatory heaven Alex. Forget jell over the eggplants, I would be melting with jell if you were running a bakery café! I know that you would be run off your feet by the amount of interest that you would get and people would flock for miles just to go there. You could offer an amazing array of vegan products as well as vegetarian stuff and gorgeous Omni products as well so the love would be spread all over the place. Throw it in and throw your hat in the ring Alex, you would be a perfect baker (you ARE a perfect baker 🙂 ).

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