Treacle toffees (A.K.A Bonfire toffee)

When I was a young’en I had braces, like train tracks, to correct my funny rat teeth and well I also had a bit of a filthy toffee addiction. There were far too many times when I would have to go back to the dentist not too long having my braces tightened, and new bits done, because I had ripped half my braces off because I couldn’t stop eating toffee’s. And there’d be no way of stopping me get meh’ toffee fix, the ice cream truck pulled up outside of the school just as school finished and had these toffee bars for about 10p. I consider these treacle toffees to be worth a trip to the dentist, in fact I’d be happy to each all 56 toffees this recipe makes, even if it ment serious jaw ache and tummy troubles, I guess I’m “lucky” I have a big family to pinch some off me, if only to save me from myself….. These are also perfect for haloween/ bonfire night, so fire up the cauldron, cast a spell or two and make some homemade treacle toffee!


2 1/2 cups unrefined soft dark brown sugar
1 cup treacle
1/2 cup golden syrup
2/3 cup vegan margarine

Line a 7″ square pan with greaseproof paper and set aside. Chuck all the ingredients into a big pan and stir together well to mix, heat gently until everything has melted together, and stir occasionally, now bring the mix to a boil, don’t stir anymore, you don’t want crystals to form! Bring everything to 120c on a candy thermometer and then carefully pour into the prepared pan. Allow to set until Firm, yet slice-able. Whilst it’s setting you will need to cut 56, 5×5″ squares of greaseproof paper, for wrapping the toffees. Once slice-able, grease a knife with a little oil and slice 8 times going across one way, and seven the other way, to make little rectangles. Wrap each little toffee in a square of greaseproof and twist up the ends. Store in an airtight container and enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Treacle toffees (A.K.A Bonfire toffee)

  1. Love the toffess and adore the beetroot background…just in the process of learning how to make our own website and what a great idea to use fresh veggies! Consider your idea pinched, but in a totally unique Serendipity Farm, home grown (most probably insect gnawed or at the very least Earl nibbled…) way! :).

  2. I remember bonfire toffees! I haven’t had them for ages – I didn’t realise they were so simple to make or I would have whipped up a metric truckload! Sweet!

  3. These sound great – I live with a couple of treacle fiends and wonder about making these for them. Are they quite chewy or crunchy. We only ever had crunchy toffees when I was young unless they were a bit undercooked and then they were lovely and chewy and stretchy.

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